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How I became rich on my Minecraft SMP. I talk about the story of how Minecraft llamas caused me to create the most successful business on the Pinacraft SMP. This series is part of my new series called SMP tips where I give SMP Tips and Tricks so you can succeed in your SMP. Subscribe to get more Tricks for your Minecraft SMP. These kind of tricks could even be used in the Dream SMP!!!

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My boatarari Pinacraft episode:

The story of boatarari takes place on the Pinacraft SMP:
Pinacraft is a Minecraft Bedrock SMP that serves as your favorite bedrock SMP. This season out Minecraft SMP is now in Minecraft 1.18 This server includes both content creators and non content creators, so there is some of Pinacraft that your wont see unless shown by one of the content creators. That means more surprises than any other SMP.


Pinacraft Youtubers:
Burning Skull:
Perry from Fruit Realm:

YouTube video

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