Join My SMP! Minecraft Java/Bedrock Crossplay... Minecraft

Join My SMP! Minecraft Java/Bedrock Crossplay…

Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at
What’s up kids? Today I streamed on my viewer SMP. It’s called Tech Deck City. This is a funny clip from one of my streams.

be sure to

If you would like to join the SMP, please make sure to subscribe, then click on the link to join my minecraft server:

Also, if you’d like to add your friends to the smp, you’re more than welcome to. Just send them the link up above.
About the server:
There are Origins
We have spawn protection so you won’t get murdered the second you log on.
You can join on the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft
(1.18.1 for Java and the latest version for Bedrock)
Also we have really great anti-cheat, so get hockeyed hackers.
It’s online 24/7

If you want to join on Switch, Xbox, or PS4 or 5, Please watch this video if you don’t know how to add external servers:

Server Rules:
You must be subscribed to Minecraftedcroix on Youtube
You must also subscribe to chugbirthday123 on Youtube
No hacking, no injecting hack/pvp clients AT ALL. You will be banned for life if you hack.
No item duplication
no stealing or griefing
No swear words in the Minecraft chat
No bullying, intimidation, or racism
No xraying
No spamming in Minecraft chat
If you come across any items that are hacked in by someone else, you must discard the items and if possible, report the hacker
No admin abuse will be tolerated
no using harming 1 and 2 arrows in PVP
No defacing spawn
No intentionally lagging/glitching/crashing the server
No claiming to own the server

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My socials:

Discord server:


My cousin’s youtube channel:




Xbox Live:

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Title: (Free to play) Join My Lifesteal SMP! Minecraft Java/Bedrock Crossplay! No Whitelist, Online 24/7!

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