Minecraft: How to Build an Underground House ... Minecraft

Minecraft: How to Build an Underground House …

Follow this step by step tutorial to learn how to build this simple yet stylish underground house in your own Minecraft world! Inside the house you can find crafting and smelting areas, a nether portal, an area for enchanting, a bedroom and room for storage.

This house is perfect for beginners who are looking to improve their skills or even for people who would prefer to build a smaller underground house compared to a large base. I hope you like it! 😄

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➜ Texture pack: Faithful v1.16.1
➜ Shader pack: BSL Shaders

Materials List:
x370 Spruce planks
x276 Spruce slabs
x200 Glass blocks
x160 Oak planks
x138 Dark oak planks
x113 Stripped dark oak logs
x72 Oak leaves
x55 Dark oak slabs
x52 Oak stairs
x36 Spruce stairs
x20 Bookshelves
x16 Chests
x14 Obsidian
x12 Spruce trapdoors
x12 Stripped spruce logs
x8 Lanterns
x8 Dark oak stairs
x8 Cauldrons
x8 Glowstone
x6 Barrels
x4 Furnaces
x2 Torches
x2 Spruce fence gates
x2 Grass blocks
x1 Bed
x1 Blast furnace
x1 Smoker
x1 Smithing table
x1 Anvil
x1 Crafting table
x1 Brewing stand
x1 Grindstone
x1 Ender chest
x1 Armour stand
x1 Enchanting table
x2 Flowers
x10 Bonemeal
x1 Flint and steel

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0:00 Intro
0:35 Base outline
1:29 Interior framework
2:12 Wall design
3:12 Floor design
4:28 Staircase design
6:22 Adding the glass
6:41 Arches
7:54 Storage & Portal
8:40 Enchanting area
9:10 Bedroom
9:58 Crafting area
10:30 Smelting area
11:00 Finishing touches
11:39 Outro

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