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I’ve returned to answer a question that no one has ever asked, and for good reason. Can you actually defeat Valstrax, the beefiest boy in all of monster hunter rise, when armed with only a kinsect? Please enjoy my pain and consider subscribing!


Intro – 00:00
Hunt Starts – 02:25
Kinsect Recall – 08:00
Chest Break – 08:25
Tail Cut – 10:29
“Optimal Gameplay” – 13:23
Multiple Breaks – 15:00
First Death – 20:40
First Mount – 21:08
Wing Break – 26:10
Second Death – 26:30
Second Mount – 26:54
Conclusion – 27:25
Final Time – 28:47

*Disclaimer: Most of the footage has been sped up in effort to shorten the video and reduce a frame rate issue that occurred upon recording my attempts. Hopefully the lag doesn’t greatly impact the video quality.

Intro Music:

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