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Devil Gene Nergigante Mod was commissioned by HCZS, a renowned Charged Blade Speedrunner & it was brought to you by 3 main modders: Fexty, Fandirus & Silvris with additional help from Akinusuka, Asterisk, Crimson and JodoZT. Please show them your support.

You can download it here:

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Devil Gene Nergigante is one of the most challenging monsters I’ve ever fought. Having experience with Ruiner kinda helps. Clean run is possible with Lightbreak Gun but in order to achieve the best run-time, I had to take several risky shots & trade some blows with Spikey Boi. If I play it absolutely safe, my dps will suffer ( Not applies to every monster but this Nerg is an exception )

I’ve tried CC runs using Sticky and Para to skip the 1st two Super Divebombs but my CC runs always fall behind my pure N3 runs because it takes quite a bunch of shots to K.O or Para him which is the time I can’t afford. If you managed to skip his Super Divebombs by using CC, you’ll also end up shooting his metal spikes while Nerg is K.O’ed or Paralyzed (metal spikes don’t give you big orange dmg numbers). It’s better to just dodge the Super Divebombs & keep on shooting with N3. You’ll dish out more dmg that way.

Turn on CC for Commentary



Script for Lightbreak Gunners:

– Aim clutch-claw for the Horn on the opposite side of the head. (e.g: Aim for Left Horn so you end up on the right side of Nerg’s head)
– Go for the Right Arm Spikes right away.

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1st CC:
– Nerg will Topple 3 times (4 if you’re lucky) before 1st Super Divebomb.
– (For CC runs) During 3rd Topple, shoot 3 Volleys of Sticky 2s without landmines
– After he gets up, shoot 1 Volley of N3.
– (1) If he Rage Roars, roll the Roar & shoot a Volley of Sticky 2 in his head during Roar
– (2) If he doesn’t Rage Roar yet, shoot final Volley of Sticky 2 for K.O followed immediately by 1 more Volley of N3 so he would Rage Roar.
– Those Sticky 2s should explode during his Roar or mid-flight before Super Divebomb & thus, effectively nullifying it.

2nd CC:
– Reset Topple count after each Super Divebombs for simplicity’s sake.
– Nerg will Topple 3 times (4 if you’re lucky) before 2nd Super Divebomb.
– Re-Tenderize Nerg’s head during every 1st Topple.
– (For CC runs) During 3rd Topple, shoot 6 rounds of Para 1s.
– When Nerg gets up, shoot 2 more Para 1s (that will make 8 rounds)
– Keep shooting him with N3 till he Rage Roars for Super Divebomb.
– Roll the roar & immediately shoot him with Para (if 1 round isn’t enough due to status degradation, shoot 2 rounds. You’ll have just enough time)
– That will paralyze Spikey Boi effectively nullifying the 2nd Super Divebomb.

Unga Bunga:
– After the 2nd CC, it’s Unga Bunga Time! (Or if you are doing pure N3 run)
– Prioritize breaking the White Spikes whenever you see them.
– Re-Tenderize Nerg’s head during every 1st Topple after each Super Divebombs.
– Be mindful of flinch-recovery animation because if you break spikes while Nerg is recovering from flinch, you won’t get a topple. Wait till he finishes shaking his head.

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If you have more tips & strategies for Devil Gene Nergigante fight, please share with us in the comment section below, ya?

I hope you enjoyed watching this hunt.
Thank you so much for watching & Happy Hunting!

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