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MHW Healer Walkthrough 007: Barroth LR

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00:00 Intro
00:12 Registering Bounties At Resource Center
00:58 Accepting Quest: “The Best Kind of Quest” and Canteen
01:59 Quest Begins and Cutscene
02:35 Escort Quest? What Escort Quest?
03:17 Map Specific Gathering Nodes
04:36 Phenomenal Escort Service
05:56 Rathian Scene
06:40 Back to Automated Escort Service
07:00 Wildspire Waste Central Campsite
07:17 Path to Wildspire Waste Northeast Campsite
08:57 Wildspire Waste Northeast Campsite
09:09 More Escort Service… Kind of.
10:05 Barroth Cutscene
11:23 Barroth Fight Begins
15:28 Thanks Cactuar!
16:54 Ending Cutscene
19:30 Results
20:08 Checking Delivery Quest Items for Wildspire Waste Camps
21:23 Wishlist and Equipment Upgrades
22:39 Closing Comments

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