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MHW Healer Walkthrough 006: Pukei Pukei LR

Walkthrough Playlist:

Quick Survey:

00:00 Intro
00:10 Resource Center
00:28 Talking to NPCs
01:08 Checking for Equipment Upgrades
01:47 Accept Quest and Eat at Canteen
02:35 Quest Begins
02:57 Tracking Pukei Pukei
04:38 Ancient Forest Northwest Campsite
05:00 Starting Path to Ancient Forest Ancient Campsite
06:20 Mosswine Along Path
07:15 Ancient Forest Ancient Campsite
07:25 Tracking Pukei Pukei Again
08:12 Unique Gathering Nodes
08:30 Kill Fishies
09:25 More Pukei Pukei Chasing…
10:06 Pukei Pukei Fight Begins
15:34 Pukei Pukei Slayed
16:14 Bully Anjanath
16:45 Rewards and Closing Comments

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