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MHW Healer Walkthrough 005: Kulu-Ya-Ku LR

Walkthrough Playlist:

Quick Survey:

00:00 Intro
00:21 Canteen and Item Loadout
01:21 Expedition Begins
01:37 Expedition Explanation Starts
04:05 Ancient Forest Northeast Campsite
04:15 Kulu-Ya-Ku Cutscene
04:44 Tracking Kulu-Ya-Ku
05:24 Grimalkynes and Doodles
05:51 Kulu-Ya-Ku Battle
08:20 Multiple Monsters
09:40 Weakened Monsters
10:27 Slaying Kulu-Ya-Ku
11:50 Leaving Expeditions
12:26 Closing Remarks

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