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❖ This is just my settings based on personal preferences, feel free to adjust accordingly, please. 😀

*I mark the level of importance in the rectangular brackets for key settings.

❖【Sections of the Video】▶️
[0:00] Intro & Disclaimer
[0:43] Item Pouch: Item Display On/Off
[1:16] Customize Radial Menu
[1:33] Options: Game Settings
Autosave, Returning to Departure Point, Auto Accept Quest Join Settings
[1:53] Link to Item Loadout【**】
HUD Display, Hunting Horn Button Guide, Health & Stamina Bar (Gauge)
[2:33] Player Silhouette Display【***】
Minimap, Damage Indicator, Subtitles, Head Armor (Show/Hide), Vibration Settings
[3:18] Camera & Scoutfly Settings【**】
Display Character Names, Obtained Item Placement, MSI Ambient Link
[3:37] Options: Controls
Keyboard Settings, Start Menu Keyboard Controls, Directional Control Type
[4:20] Sheathe Settings【**】
Dash Settings, Switch L1/L2 & R1/R2, Confirmation Button, Radial Menu
[4:57] Keyboard Shortcut Input【**】
Item Control Settings, Start Menu Navigation, Aim Cancellation, Swap Keys while Grappling/Mounted, Survey Set Controls
[6:03] Options: Camera
[6:05] Camera Mouse Controls【*******************】
Camera Controls, Pad Camera Speed, Mouse Sensitivity Vertial Bias, Reticle Controls, Reticle Speed, Trajectory Reticle
[7:07] Aim Assist, Camera Style, Target Camera Settings, Focus Camera Settings 【*** Controller Users】
[7:34] Slinger Settings: Lock On/Off【***】
[8:27] Camera Terrain Adjustment【**】
Dynamic Camera Settings, Camera Reset
[8:36] Camera Distance【***】
[8:45] Display: Advanced Graphic Settings【***】
Primary Group Icon, Ultrawide Mode UI Layout, FidelityFX Sharpness
[9:06] Screen Vibration【**】
[9:22] Frame Rate, V-Sync (Vertical Synchronization)【**】
Color Blind Settings
[9:43] Options: Audio
[10:10] Outro / ED ❖[Music Tracklist]🎵 Naruto Main Theme Slow Version ❖ Ver15.11.01 Monster Hunter World Iceborne PC Steam Settings Long Sword Monster Hunter World Iceborne Sword MHRise Sunbreak Performance 60 120 165 FPS movement controls buttons keys graphics card GTX RTX monitor PC Specs MT Framework Engine GamePad Controller New Player 101 Guide Basic Information

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