(Spoilers) I FINALLY DID IT! Monster Hunter

(Spoilers) I FINALLY DID IT! – ThePlayerGame

Oh boy, 9 months lol
Is this just a big flex? Maybe… i’m sorry

0:00 Flashback
0:10 End of Flashback
0:49 Beginning of the madness
1:44 Starting clearing stuffs
2:10 Endermic life
2:50 Helping people
3:10 That’s illegal
3:34 Starting deal with the treasures
3:47 Flexing (sorry)
4:24 Hold up, wait a minute, something isn’t right
4:34 Not actually the real me lol
5:53 Not u again! No! No! NOOOOOO
6:24 80 times begins
8:50 I’m sorry, but not really
8:57 Your amazing comments
9:02 Outro
9:18 Spoiler :p

Honeyhive Galaxy – Super Mario Galaxy

Sweet sweet canyon – Mario Kart 8

Bowser highway showdown – Super Mario 3D World

Lift of launch – Donkey Kong Country Returns

Pata Pata – Miriam Makeba Remix CherneBeats Mark Rober – Elephant Toothpaste

Perfect World – The Emperors New Groove Opening Song

Coconut Mall – Mario Kart Wii

Scatman – John

Winning result – Mario Kart Wii

Program video editing:
DaVinci Resolve

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