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Here’s a video about how I would design a Monster Hunter from Monster Hunter to be a playable character in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

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Music Used:
SUPER SMASH BROS Brawl Theme (Jim Walter TRAP REMIX) –
SUPER SMASH BROS – Choose Your Character Song (Trap Remix) –
Shrine Ruins Battle Theme – Monster Hunter Rise OST
Lava Caverns Battle Theme – Monster Hunter Rise OST
Sandy Plains Battle Theme – Monster Hunter Rise OST
Quest Clear – Monster Hunter 4 OST
Zinogre Mount Theme – Monster Hunter World OST
Ibushi Theme – Monster Hunter Rise OST
Plastic Love by Mariya Takeuchi except it’s me playing the bass part

0:00 Intro and Salty Recap
0:44 Design of Smash Characters
1:43 Character Appearance
2:58 Gameplay Concept
4:26 Standard Moves
6:01 Aerial Moves
6:47 Special Moves
8:04 Grabs
8:14 Final Smash
8:29 Taunts & Victory Screen
8:53 Unused and Alternate Concepts
9:30 Classic Mode
9:56 New Stage
10:20 Song List
10:35 Closing and Subscribe

YouTube video

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