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After buying the XBOX Series X on a restock, I asked myself, “Is the XBOX series X worth it?” Check out my XBOX Series X Review (first impressions) and let me know how you’ve been enjoying yours.

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🕙 0:00 Start
🕙 0:48 Backwards Compatibility
🕙 1:23 Design of the XBOX Series X Console and Wireless Controller
🕙 2:43 XBOX Series X Specifications
🕙 4:06 XBOX Series X Design Interface and System Performance
🕙 5:00 Is XBOX Game Pass Worth it?
🕙 7:43 Is XBOX Live Worth it?
🕙 9:05 Final Thought: Is the XBOX Series X Worth it?


W Gang, I’ve put in my time.

I’ve owned the original XBOX, the XBOX 360 and now the XBOX series X

But something still feels….off

I have several games that I played growing up that are backwards compatible so I’ve been downloading the updates and playing them.

And although the XBOX series X is an amazing console, something I recently said to myself is

On second thought, is the XBOX series X worth it?

For reference, I’ve never owned a PlayStation console and since 2017, I’ve been a PC gamer where I’ve played games like Fortnite and a little COD.

By the way, don’t let ANYBODY ever tell you I don’t hit those.

The backwards compatibility on the XBOX Series X is nothing short of AMAZING.

I LOVED playing Midnight Club: Los Angeles when it came out in 2008 so to play it again in 2022 blows my mind.

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Although I’m sure I have original Xbox console games at my parent’s house, that would take some digging to find.

Other XBOX 360 games I have include: Mortal Kombat, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, NBA 2k14, and NCAA Basketball 10

While reading about backwards compatibility,

I saw that Microsoft put more than 500,000 man hours into validating games for backwards compatibility so if no one else said it:

Thank you Microsoft.

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