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Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath Character Overviews:
An overview of all characters currently on the roster, using footage from some of the best players in the world. Designed to help beginners, and others, get the general gist of the characters’ playstyles and ease of use.
This video was a huge undertaking and took considerable effort to put together so I hope everyone enjoys. Lots of useful information below.
Disclaimer: Not all footage is the current Aftermath patch

A Mix up character has powerful throws or lows which they mix up with overheads. Great if you like to get up close and intimidate your opponent by putting them into guessing situations. A turtle tries to play defensively in order to capitalize on an opponent’s mistakes. A defensive character likes to stay in the mid-range, and will need good movement and spacing to bait the opponent into mistakes, as well as a keen awareness of ranges so they can properly halt their approach. Rushdown is good at staying in an opponent’s face and bullying them with constant frame traps and the threat of stagger strings. Recommended if you want to be aggressive and like your turn to last as long as possible, perhaps never ending. An evasive or mobile character is good at disrespecting a character’s frame advantage and hitboxes by having stances or moves with very small hurtboxes. They work best against aggressive characters, and when used properly, can make the opponent lose confidence in approaching. Unorthodox characters are the oddities. They have unconventional attack options designed to confuse their opponent, and generally require specific match-up knowledge to beat. Versatile characters can do it all. However, the expense of being a jack of all trades is that they are generally a master of none. Please feel free to ask if there are any more questions.

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Shout outs to these YouTubers for the clips used in the video, and please visit their channels to see high level MK played by professionals around the world:
Mortal Kombat –
Tanjaru –

If you are trying to learn more about MK I highly recommend these channels:
ShujinkyDink –
Sajam –
Rooflemonger –
MrAquaman –
TrueUnderDawgGaming –
shenles –

0:00 Baraka
1:17 Cassie Cage
2:24 Cetrion
3:26 D’vorah
4:30 Erron Black
5:31 Frost
6:35 Fujin
7:53 Geras
9:05 Jacqui
10:18 Jade
11:40 Jax
13:15 Johnny Cage
14:26 Joker
15:41 Kabal
17:11 Kano
18:14 Kitana
19:24 Kollector
20:37 Kotal Kahn
21:47 Kung Lao
22:41 Liu Kang
23:41 Nightwolf
24:40 Noob Saibot
25:43 Raiden
26:49 Robocop
27:49 Scorpion
28:58 Shang Tsung
29:59 Shao Kahn
31:10 Sheeva
32:12 Sindel
33:23 Skarlet
34:36 Sonya
35:29 Spawn
36:37 Sub-Zero
37:53 Terminator
39:03 Outro & Credits

Syzygy-Infested Planet OST (Sinewave)
Return to Planet X- TimeSplitters 2 OST
Infiltrate the Cathedral-Ratchet Deadlocked OST
Salient Aliens-Infested Planet OST (Sinewave)
The Bandits at Jakobs Estate-Borderlands 3 OST
Gloomy Underpass-Digimon CyberSleuth OST
Captain Traunt-Borderlands 3 OST
Grist for the Mill-Ratchet Deadlocked OST
Katagawa Ball-Borderlands 3 OST
The Rampager Phase 2-Borderlands 3 OST
Endless Battle-Gundam Encounters in Space OST
Wetworks-Zone of the Enders OST
Basement-Binding of Issac Rebirth OST
Camp Ichigaya-Shin Megami Tensei IV OST
Quan Chi’s Fortress-MK Deadly Alliance OST
Village of the Sacred Beast-Musashi Samurai Legends OST
The Proving Grounds Exam-Borderlands 3 OST
Where Leviathans Roam-Ratched Deadlocked OST
Battle 2-Infested Planet OST(Sinewave)
Above Urban Area A-Shin Megami Tensei IV OST
Meteor Shower-Mortal Kombat Armageddon OST
Main Menu (Night)-Borderlands 3 OST
Killavolt wins his prize-Borderlands 3 OST
Metroplex Gigamind-Borderlands 3 OST
Lost Tomb-MK Deadly Alliance OST
The Soul Chamber-MK Armageddon OST
An Ancient Fortress-Blue Dragon OST
Lucifer’s Palace-Shin Megami Tensei IV OST
Wotan the Invincible-Borderlands 3 OST(Maliwan Takedown)
Chinatown-Vampire the Masquerade OST
Katagawa theme-Borderlands 3 OST (Digby Vermouth)
The Rampager Phase 1-Borderlands 3 OST
Acid Bath-MK Deadly Alliance OST
The Armory-MK Armageddon OST
Katagawa Jr-Borderlands 3 OST

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