Shu's Gear, Mouse DPI, Overwatch Sensitiv... Overwatch

Shu’s Gear, Mouse DPI, Overwatch Sensitiv…

Check out Shu’s gear and settings here:

2-time Overwatch League tournament champion Shu joined us to share his gear, in-game settings, pregame routine and even how to be a more clutch player!

Shu’s Gear
Mouse: Zowie EC1-A (
Keyboard: Corsair K63 (
Headset: Logitech G Pro (
Monitor: BenQ XL2546 (
Mousepad: Zowie G-SR (
Chair: Xenics AKRacing Arena Type 4 (
Mouse Bungee: Zowie Camade 2 (

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0:00 Introduction
0:20 Shu’s Mouse
1:11 Shu’s Mouse Grip Type
1:59 Shu’s Aim Style
2:59 Shu’s Keyboard
3:20 Shu’s Headset
3:53 Shu’s Monitor
4:56 Shu’s Mousepad
5:51 Shu’s Chair
6:42 Shu’s Mouse Bungee
7:04 Shu’s Mouse DPI
7:17 Shu’s Overwatch Video Settings
8:03 Shu’s Overwatch Sensitivity Settings
8:23 Shu’s Overwatch Crosshair Settings
8:34 Shu’s Overwatch Keybind Settings
9:16 Shu’s Ana Sensitivity Settings
9:45 Shu’s Baptiste Sensitivity Settings
9:49 Shu’s Zenyatta Sensitivity Settings
10:14 Shu’s Gameplay Settings
10:37 Shu’s Pregame Routine
11:36 Shu’s Tips on Being a More Clutch Player .

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