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Learn why the “Elemental Hit Raider” is a godlike farming build while still melting all Path of Exile bosses, in this new beginner guide!

With 3.16 Scourge League just around the corner, this is the perfect time to practice what could become your next league starter!

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Resources that complement the video guide:

* Path of Building import code:
* Path of Building tool installer:
* Asenath’s Chant prophecy:


Table of contents:

00:00 Build Capabilities
03:12 Build Overview
05:14 Passive Tree and Leveling
07:54 Cluster Jewels
08:57 Bandits
09:21 Ascendancy
12:32 Pantheon
13:46 Gems and Links
20:37 Gearing
27:45 Amulet Anointing
28:04 Gearing (cont.)
28:50 Jewels
30:37 Flasks
32:20 Leveling Uniques
32:38 Pros & Cons
33:49 Outro



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