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In this tutorial, we go over the different ways to set up character sheets, how to make and share handouts with all of your players (or just one), and how to create and organize folders.

Beginner Overview 🎓
Charactermancer 🎭
Setting Up Dynamic Lighting 💡
Map Setup 🌍
Advanced Dice Rolling 📕

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⏰ Time Stamps
00:00 Handouts, Character Sheets, & Folders
00:06 The Journal Tab
00:22 The Add Button
00:33 Character Sheets
01:29 Use The Charactermancer
01:43 Create an NPC
01:55 Edit Sheet Directly
02:15 Handouts
02:40 🔴 **TIP** Tags
03:32 Show to Everyone
03:49 Sharing Handouts to Specific Players
04:04 Right click ➡ Show to Players
04:14 Archiving Handouts
04:43 Folders
04:53 Opening your Folders
05:02 Dragging Handouts, Character Sheets, & Subfolders into Folders
05:19 Sorting Folder Contents


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