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Hello everyone! In one of my videos, we talked about 4 reasons why you should try Planetside 2.
So I think it’s only fair that we talk about 4 reasons why you shouldn’t try the game

I’ve also seen some hackers in Connery and Miller but they’re quite rare.
I don’t want to say avoid Soltech since there’s still a bunch of times when I had good session there.
But still, if you had experienced one too many hackers, you really get sick of it.

I do understand there’s a glitch when you clip through the ground but this one right here isn’t that I assure you. During recording, I was following that player for a good half hour and does the same thing in different places. If he is indeed doing it on purpose, then it’s just as bad.

People have been saying sending cheater or hacker reports through email is more effective.
-Video cap the cheater
-upload it
-send the link to cheater@planetside2.com

Link to reporting cheaters:

Reasons to try Planetside 2:

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