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TOP 10 TIPS to Improve Your Infantry Performa…

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This ULTIMATE beginners’ guide contains my top 10 tips for how to improve your infantry KDR and infantry gameplay in general. These tips are meant to focus mainly on situational awareness rather than aiming and require next to no innate talent or ability to eventually master. If you’ve played Planetside 2 for a while, stick around as I include a lot of information that not a ton of players know about as well! With that being said, I will be making a video discussing different recoil properties and how they should influence your purchasing decisions as they relate to the new arsenal – so subscribe and turn on notifications to see when that comes out!

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0:00 – Intro
1:10 – Tip 1: Use Your Minimap
2:40 – Tip 2: Choose Winnable Fights
4:20 – Tip 3: Do Not Get Tunnel-Visioned
5:10 – Tip 4: String Enemies into 1v1s
5:47 – Slicing The Pie
6:10 – Right Hand Peek & Headglitching
6:42 – Baiting Enemies
7:30 – Tip 5: Peeking & Re-Peeking (Clientside)
8:10 – Peekers’ Advantage
8:36 – Tip 6: Push on Enemy Reloads
9:10 – Tip 7: Use Your Secondary MORE
9:47 – Tip 8: Learn Cheesy Movement
10:02 – Therum Shuffle
10:44 – Moving Like a Noob Can Help
11:10 – Tip 9: Use Medkits
12:09 – Tip 10: Stop Playing LA (for now)
13:15 – How To Use This Guide
13:41 – Future Projects

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