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Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra Leaks
The Shiny Zeraora Event ended and a new max raid battle event has begun… except it crashes your game because instead of making Armorite Ore a reward item Gamefreak added in a Crown Tundra Item instead. This suggests a new Armorite Ore Item in the Crown Tundra that will add tons of new Crown Tundra Gameplay Features and is likely a part of the Legendary Raid Battles for Dynamax Adventures. Either way this is one of the wildest ways we have ever gotten a Pokemon Leak since its a new Max Raid update while Pokemon Home is crashed from the Shiny Zeraora Event! Insane Pokemon News!

Pokemon Sword and Shield Max Raid Event Crash
New Pokemon Crown Tundra Leaked Item – Max Raid Event Crash
Pokemon Crown Tundra Leak Armorite Ore like item
New Pokemon Crown Tundra Gameplay Features

Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra Leaked Pokedex

Shiny Zeraora Event

Pokemon Sword and Shield Guides / New Pokemon Sword and Shield Gameplay and Walkthrough

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