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👉 DON’T YOU HAVE POKEMONEYS? DO YOU WANT to get them for FREE? Well, THIS is YOUR video, don’t miss it, and get a LOT of Pokecoins. REFERRED Link: ▷▷▷ ◁◁◁ ✅ CHANNEL DISCORD 👉 🤟 SUBSCRIBE for MORE Videos like THESE 👉 💥 Can’t you make inroads because you are alone in your town or city anywhere in Spain or the world? Or not Do you have any group? Or friends who invite you? … This is my PokeHuelva Incursions group from Telegram THIS IS THE GROUP FROM MY CITY (Huelva, Spain) where we do raid. If you have downloaded Telegram you just have to click on the link and hit ‘JOIN’ .. You will have to register or validate with the Detective Pikachu Bot. ✅ Tutorial to register with the Detective Pikachu Bot 👉 And once inside when the users of my city create raid lists, you give a button that you will see ‘invite me 🙏’ and someone from the raid will invite you (or you speak privately for the topic code). You are all welcome! ✌️ #PokemonGO #Pokecoins #YouGov.

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