POKEMON GO DECEMBER 2021: Research Breakthrou... Pokemon Go!

POKEMON GO DECEMBER 2021: Research Breakthrou…

Pokemon Go December 2021 might be the best month of the year! To start, our December Research Breakthrough is going to be DEINO! We will also be getting our weekly 1 coin bundles which include a remote raid pass. The biggest announcement for December in Pokemon Go is the debut of Shiny Reshiram, Shiny Zekrom, and shiny Kyurem in Pokémon Go! A brand new Mega Pokemon is also coming to the game – Mega Steelix in Pokemon Go will make its debut on December 1st. We will also be starting of the Pokémon Go Season of Heritage which will last through March 1st and lead us up to the Pokémon Go Johto Tour event. The December Spotlight Hours will include Electabuzz, Magmar, Snover, and Cubchoo which can all be shiny. We will also be getting a special event based around the Unova region’s Dragonspiral Tower.

December Pokémon Go Events:
December Community Day:

Intro – Geographer – “Feather Duster”
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Sound FX from Zapsplat.com
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Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T7i
Canon EFS 18-55mm
Canon EFS 50mm
Microphone: Røde VideoMicro
Tripod 1: Sunpak TravelSmart50
Tripod 2: Joby GorillaPod 3k
Photo editing:
Video editing: Movavi Editor Plus
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