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From the perspective of a game developer, we will talk about why “Rainbow Six Extraction,” the sequel to “Rainbow Six Siege,” which has more than 60 million copies worldwide, is “cooperative play.” It will be released on January 20, 2022! Enjoy! 00:00 Introduction 00:21 Why co-op play? 01:29 The evolution of graphic expression has slowed down 02:45 You can play for a long time with additional content 03:09 Significance of making a “new work” in modern times 03:54 What is a buddy pass 04:41 If you like the end, please subscribe to the channel from the URL below. To do! Feel free to click! #Rainbow Six Extraction #Siege #Consideration # R6S # R6E #Live #Game Creator Live ——————————- –I’m doing Twitter! Game creator commentary: Chandra I’m working on game development, so I’m tweeting about games from that perspective. Please take a look! ——————————–

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