Rainbow Six Extraction is crazy?? A review for those who are hesitant to buy – 4K 6…

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#RainbowSixExtraction #Kimchi Edition #My Money I am having fun playing. (There may be likes or dislikes) However, since it is a PVE method, how to solve the exhaustion of content to enjoy in the game seems to be a challenge for Ubisoft… (The well-made radio anatomy is PVE, so I get tired of doing it for a long time…) Anyway, from the gamer’s point of view, I can’t help but hope that Ubisoft will provide a steady update… ^^ This video is just my personal opinion. It would be nice if you could leave a comment on what other people think. 00:00 Intro 00:49 Maps 01:04 Gameplay 02:52 ADVANTAGE 04:00 Music is killing me. Enjoy the music. Videos are uploaded every week. Please like, subscribe, and set notifications ^^

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#RainbowSixExtraction #Ubisoft #FPS #PVE

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