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Ranking DIAMOND in Rainbow Six Extraction (Ma…

, The Player Game

I decided to record my first-ever ranked match on Rainbow Six Extraction. With the help of my teammates, I managed to rank Diamond, the highest class, in one try! The first chapter showcases the reward: a Diamond (Purple) helmet available for all operators.


Ch. 1: Intro (0:00)

Ch. 2: Sub-Zone 1: Shutdown (1:27)

Ch. 3: Sub-Zone 2: Sabotage (2:00)

Ch. 4: Sub-Zone 3: Decontamination (2:49)

Ch. 5: Sub-Zone 4: Biopsy (4:10)

Ch. 6: Sub-Zone 5: Nest Tracking (5:06)

Ch. 7: Sub-Zone 6: Triangulation (5:39)

Ch. 8: Sub-Zone 7: Serial Scan (6:16)

Ch. 9: Sub-Zone 8: Specimen (9:16)

Ch. 10: Sub-Zone 9: Hunt (10:13)

Ch. 11: Extraction (13:20)

Ch. 12: Statistics (13:33)

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