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Text Guide Below:
00:00 – Intro
05:50 – Survive the Attack
11:02 – Village Part 1
17:22 – Castle
37:35 – Village Part 2
45:30 – House Beneviento
58:05 – Village Part 3
1:01:00 – Moreau
1:12:07 – Village Part 4
1:13:04 – Stronghold
1:19:04 – Village Part 5
1:21:21 – Factory
1:43:20 – Village (as Chris)
1:51:00 – Final Boss

This video will be a guide for anyone going for the Dashing Dad achievement. I would recommend beating the game a couple of times to familiarize yourself with each area. You can do this with any weapon but I would recommend buying some of the infinite ammo weapons. In this run I used the Rocket Pistol and the S.T.A.K.E. Magnum. I would recommend playing on casual difficulty and skipping every cutscene because for some reason cutscenes add to your overall time.

– Walking simulator.

– This is a timed segment and takes roughly 5 minutes to progress.

– Maiden Crest – In the church.
– Truck Key/Screwdriver – Luiza’s kitchen.
– Demon Crest – Use the screwdriver on the locked case outside.

– Maroon Eye – Go through the crawlspace and take the ring from the wall.
– Wine Bottle – Use the maroon eye on the door upstairs. After the first mini boss.
– Courtyard Key – Use the wine bottle in the wine room.
– Dimi’s Key – Past the courtyard on the right. Complete the statue puzzle.
– Mask 1 – After the chase sequence.
– Iron Key – Use Dimi’s key in the courtyard. Play the piano.
– Mask 2 – Use the iron key on the door upstairs. Kill the miniboss.
– Mask 3 – Complete the bell puzzle and the rooftop segment.
– Mask 4 – Use Dimi’s key on the door to the right of the wine room.
– Mask Puzzle – Sorrow / Pleasure / Joy / Rage

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– Winged Key – Cannot miss.
– Jack Handle – Through the “Do Not Enter” gate. Combination = 070408
– Four Winged Key – Red chimney house.

– Door Combination – -052911
– Winding Key – Doll’s left leg.
– Tweezers – In the Music Box. Solution: 34152
– Film Reel – Doll’s mouth.
– Scissors – Complete the film puzzle. Solution: Animal / Book / Baby / Music / Ring.
– Brass Medallion – Doll’s chest.
– Breaker Box Key – In the well.
– Relief of a Child – In the breaker box.
– Fuse – In the downstairs area.

– Insert any flasks.

– Arms Flask – In Moreau’s room.
– Boat Key – Up some stairs and in the shack.
– Crank – Take the boat to the next area. Complete this segment.
– Lower the Water – Color puzzle solution (B W O / W O Blank / O B B)
– Six Winged Unborn Key – Moreau’s room after the boss fight.

– Follow the signs.

– Torso Flask – Linear path. Kill all enemies and the boss. On the table afterwards.

– Giant’s Chalice – Place the remaining flasks.

– Relief Mold – Past the foundry to the left.
– Cog Mold – Past the gear room. Fairly linear path.
– Key Mold – Use the cog on the generator. Follow the new path. Dodge the jump scares and climb the grinder shaft. The mold is at the end of this segment.
– Heisenberg’s Key – Take the elevator back to B4 and use the Key Mold on the smelter.

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VILLAGE (as Chris)
– Linear path. Pick up any ammo if you haven’t unlocked infinite for this weapon.

– The S.T.A.K.E. Magnum makes this fight very easy. If you don’t have this weapon unlocked, just use any of the shotguns. It might take a bit longer, but overall this fight is pretty easy as long as you’re stocked up on meds.



Motherboard: ASUS Strix Z370-H Gaming
CPU: Intel i7 8700k
Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
RAM: G. Skill TridentZ RGB Series 4 x 8 GB
GPU: GTX 1080TI Strix ROG 11G
PSU: EVGA SuperNova 850W G3 Modular
Case: Corsair Crystal 570X RGB ATX

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The videogame returns to Ethan Winters as the main protagonist, a character who now lives with Mia and has left behind the turbulent episodes of terror of the seventh installment.
Chris Redfield, however, is back to shake up their lives in this videogame that has as its graphic engine the powerful RE Engine tool, which promises to take its scary scenes to new heights.

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