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The Mansion Shotgun has been known as one of the most notorious weapons in Resident Evil since the very brink of the series.
From this early point in the survival horror genre, the Mansion Shotgun caught the attention of players with its ability to swiftly decapitate enemies using the classic “Headshot” technique.
While the original design of the Mansion Shotgun was simple, its portrayal in the Resident Evil Remake brought new life to its appearance, by presenting it with a unique design that is well indicative of a high-end sporting shotgun.

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Tracklist (in order):
Still Dawn – Resident Evil 1
Main Hall – Resident Evil REmake
Macabre Hallway – Resident Evil REmake
First Floor Mansion – Resident Evil 1
First Floor Mansion Again – Resident Evil 1
battle Mode – Resident Evil 1
Deathtrap – Resident Evil REmake
Save Theme – Resident Evil REmake
Unnamed Combat Track – Resident Evil REmake
Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven

0:08 Atlas VPN
1:17 Introduction to the Mansion Shotgun
4:37 Resident Evil 1
6:52 Remington 870 Examination
7:34 Resident Evil 1 Gameplay
8:24 Resident Evil REmake
10:20 Winchester M1897 Examination
12:06 Resident Evil REmake Gameplay
13:06 Closing Thoughts
14:09 Outro

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The videogame returns to Ethan Winters as the main protagonist, a character who now lives with Mia and has left behind the turbulent episodes of terror of the seventh installment.
Chris Redfield, however, is back to shake up their lives in this videogame that has as its graphic engine the powerful RE Engine tool, which promises to take its scary scenes to new heights.

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