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Resident Evil Village

– Village of Shadows: highest difficulty
– New Game: no NG+ or DLC items will be used.
– No Save: all in a single segment long playthrough with no saves or retries.
– No Damage: no damage taken.
– Ultimate 100% Run: a few special completionist rules:

1 – All collectibles (files, goats, and dishes) obtained (see list in the pinned comment)
2 – All optional bosses defeated (Varcolac Alpha and two Urias Dracs)
3 – All distinct treasures obtained (see full list below in the pinned comment)
4 – Cinematic: all cutscenes included with lots of optional interactions. All journal entries are also shown.
5 – A few specific in-game trophy-based challenges: “Hooligan” (all Castle windows broken) and “When You Gotta Go” (all outhouses opened).
6 – All NG-based weapons obtained and used

PS.: Note that I block some attacks that don’t deal damage when guarding. Also, keep in mind that the animals don’t deal damage at all. I try to use healing items in these situations but the game won’t let me heal therefore proving that I’m at max HP.

Similar to what I did on RE7, this is a run where you can take all the game has to offer along with efficient/consistent no save no damage strategies. Enjoy!


– Introduction (0:00:00)
– Village 1 (0:12:30)
– Castle Dimitrescu (1:02:24)
– Village 2 (2:02:28)
– House Beneviento (2:29:07)
– Village 3 (2:47:59)
– Moreau’s Reservoir (3:12:47)
– Village 4 (3:48:15)
– Stronghold (4:17:48)
– Village 5 (4:28:03)
– Heisenberg’s Factory (4:56:06)
– Chris (6:01:11)
– Final Act (6:20:20)
– Epilogue (6:49:20)

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The videogame returns to Ethan Winters as the main protagonist, a character who now lives with Mia and has left behind the turbulent episodes of terror of the seventh installment.
Chris Redfield, however, is back to shake up their lives in this videogame that has as its graphic engine the powerful RE Engine tool, which promises to take its scary scenes to new heights.

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