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I started playing this #SimCityCompleteEdition, wanted to build a #MegaCity as one of my friends suggested in the comments to me. Come & follow this channel to see how persistent are we in developing our sims, showing some of the tips & tricks

Hope you all like it, please enjoy the video.

0:02:00 – Introduction, naming the region & zones
0:05:46 – Where everything begins in the East
0:06:39 – Hydro pumps station
0:08:33 – Construction of first graded school
0:10:24 – Reading the tabs
0:13:51 – Expanding the roads
0:16:21 – 2nd Hydro pumps station
0:23:07 – Further Expansion of the roads
0:26:02 – The Budget
0:26:54 – Continue expansion
0:29:24 – Tackling Sewage issues
0:30:22 – Anticipating Garbage issues
0:31:52 – Tackling Health issues
0:35:33 – Anticipating Fire issues
0:37:36 – Continue expansion
0:40:09 – Graded School expansion
0:43:11 – Garbage plant expansion
0:45:39 – Major issues: Power failure
0:48:59 – Thank you so much for watching & stay tune

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