4K, SimCity, 2013, EP, 03, East, West, Zoning... SimCity

4K, SimCity, 2013, EP, 03, East, West, Zoning…

I started playing this #SimCityCompleteEdition, wanted to build a #MegaCity as one of my friends suggested in the comments to me. Come & follow this channel to see how persistent, this playlist specifically how we develop our sims, showing some of the tips & tricks.

Hope you all like it, please enjoy the video

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0:00:00 – Introduction
0:00:37 – Continuing with the East
0:01:03 – Plastic stocks issues solved & explained
0:04:42 – Our Strategy
0:06:17 – Reserving space for Power Services expansion
0:07:02 – how to zone efficiently
0:08:45 – Trade Depot
0:10:15 – Power Service, ControlNet vs wind turbines
0:12:12 – The Academy & the research
0:14:35 – call for bond to build Trade HQ for Petroleum Division
0:16:59 – Water Pumping System
0:18:01 – Flying to the West
0:18:45 – Zoning & problems with over Expansion
0:21:39 – Pollution to hydro pump station
0:22:57 – Why our zoning are consistently in red & how to tackle it
0:23:41 – Expansion plan explained in details
0:33:53 – Shared Service between cities explained
0:36:49 – Brief introduction of Cities North
0:37:28 – Flying to Cities West, update on development after speeding up
0:39:12 – Mega Tower expansion explained
0:39:32 – Expansion of Cities West further explained
0:43:43 – Mega Tower expansion explained
0:45:19 – Flying to Cities East, update & problems on development after speeding up
0:48:21 – Big problems in the West on crimes
0:50:49 – Simoleons crosses 1,000,000
0:54:43 – Vu Tower constructed
0:55:05 – more crimes, more fires
0:55:47 – Maxis Manor
0:57:34 – Thank you so much for watching & stay tune
1:00:00 – Ends

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