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We have more or less started all the 3 plot of land under the region with today’s video (EP04) kicking off to cities North hence just left to build the Great Work. Beside kick off the citiesNorth, we also ramp off cities East & utilizing the 5000000 Simoleons we accumulated (you may want to watch towards the end of the video to completely see the progress. Come & follow this channel to see how persistent, this playlist specifically how we develop our sims, showing some of the tips & tricks.

Hope you all like it, please enjoy the video

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0:00:00 – Introduction
0:01:16 – Construction starting in Cities North with spiderweb grid pattern
0:05:00 – Installing the basic utilities
0:16:28 – Railway construction
0:18:50 – Continue with zoning
0:20:08 – Cities East, our strategies to hit 5Million Simoleons (or hitting the rocks)
0:33:09 – Building Nuclear Plant to cope power issues
0:36:08 – Constructing tunnel to join residential zone
0:38:10 – Messy Industrial zone
0:38:55 – Large Fire Station
0:39:52 – Police Precinct installed & Law drone problem
0:41:16 – Trade Depot verses Omega Factories
0:51:41 – Ramp up Omega Factory & Production Line
0:53:44 – Reconstruct Trade Port
0:58:25 – Thank you so much for watching & stay tune
1:00:00 – Ends

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