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Creating A BEAUTIFUL Town Square in Cities Sk…

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Hello and welcome to Crater Lake Episode: 26. This is a Cities: Skylines Let’s Play series where I am using inspiration from around the United States to help shape design choices and road layouts. Not all of it is inspired, but I try to bring neat and fun ideas that I have stumbled across and incorporate them somehow into the city. If you would like to join us, subscribe now and watch this beautiful city unfold.

In this episode, we dive into a few minor changes before we expand out in a big way again. I wanted to create a lovely town square using our new chirper balloon park. So I decided to make a whole space to put it in that I think turned out really well. After placing a few unique buildings and decorating them up, we build more residential and set up a charming schooling area for the surrounding region. I think it turned out well but let me know what you think.

Let me know what you think in the comments! : )

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