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Hello and Welcome to Canalville! A Cities: Skylines Let’s Play Series where we are building out a city set around the use of canals and waterways. This is an unmodded series that we may add light mods to as we move forward, but it will be based on the communities judgment. My goal with this city is to see how big we can create a town while still capturing a level of realism and aesthetic beauty while also exploring the pitfalls of being so heavily reliant on the canals. Will we have problems with traffic? What about a freeway system? How is the city going to evolve? Jump on board and help shape this wonderful city with its possibilities!

Episode 4: We start the episode by designing a new road layout for the area adjacent to our last expansion. I decided to do our first unique building within this expansion and place the mall in moderation. We then design a low-density residential area with a high-rise district wrapping the island. I wanted to continue our waterfront areas the way they were, so I decided to mimic the last build’s concrete and organic and local produce design. I think the pattern helps to create a friendly atmosphere and looks great! Then we move on to creating a nightlife area on the waterfront and upgrade our city with a new water treatment plant and finish the episode off by detailing and going over everything we built.

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