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This is a Cities: Skylines Let’s Play Series where we are building out a city set around the use of canals and waterways. This modded Series started out unmodded but was flipped due to a community vote. My goal with this city is to see how big we can create a town while still capturing a level of realism and aesthetic beauty while also exploring the pitfalls of being so heavily reliant on the canals. Will we have problems with traffic? What about a freeway system? How is the city going to evolve? Jump on board and help shape this wonderful city with its possibilities!

Episode 8: In this episode, the city decided to expand towards its downtown with a purpose. They have mapped out a few of the islands and want to construct our transit network and develop our metro system in this episode. The transit hub has been transformed into a welcoming location for locals and tourists alike to create a more inviting space for tourists. Let me know what you think of the build.

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