How To Maximize Dragon Pet Drops! Full Guide!…

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If you’re currently thinking “there’s no need for a guide on this” you’re mistaken. This is the most confusing system ever.

Hello. In the original upload of this video, I came to the incorrect conclusion. 8 Eye runs are NOT necessarily the best way to get drag pets on a per eye basis, and they shouldn’t be considered unless you’re willing to just burn money. 4/4 and 2/2/3 runs are preferred to 8 Eye Runs, and should be done instead. I apologize for the information I got wrong here, and will take steps to make sure it doesn’t occur again. Thank you so much for patience with me, I really am sorry about it. 11/14/2022…

How You Can Maximize Dragon Pet Drops! Full Guide! (Hypixel Skyblock)

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