The Harvester Stamplar PvE Build for The Eld... The Elder Scrolls

The Harvester Stamplar PvE Build for The Eld… – ThePlayerGame

Want to know a simple yet effective stamina based Templar damage dealer in PvE? This video is the Harvester, Stamplar PvE Build for the Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood Chapter Update 30. In this guide, we will cover skills, gear, champion points and even companions! Thanks for watching.

Written Guide:
Blackwood Videos:
Harpooner’s Mythic:

0:00 Intro
00:44 Skills
07:03 Rotation
08:51 Gear Beginner
10:33 Gear Solo
12:52 Gear Group
13:44 Race Choices
14:18 Consumables
14:55 Companions
16:10 Mundus Stone
16: 22 Attributes
16:50 Champion Points

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