All Trackmania Nations Forever tricks TIERLIS…

, The Player Game

The project’s document and spreadsheet:

All the videos used or mentioned (in chronological order):

“TrackMania Tutorial Series” by Speedy

“The Complete Trackmania Guide! Every Trick In The Game!” by Jnic

“Two Examples of a Good Rammstein Bug” by KarjeN

“[TAS] how fast can u go on pipe? (but bad because kb)” by mtat

“did that on purpose” by simo_900

“Nadeo Reverse: The Right Way V.6” by JstAnothrVirtuoso

“[TAS] Trackmania Booster Science & Kackiest Kacky #-16 in 7.90 (-0.76)” by igntuL

“89 Tutorial” by Loky

“[TAS] Trackmania A15 Speed 23.58 (-0.74)” by andi

“My life is a lie”, clip from Mudda’s stream

00:00 Intro
00:21 Part 1 – The format
01:41 Part 2 – “D” tier
04:35 Part 3 – “C” tier
09:19 Part 4 – “B” tier
14:07 Part 5 – “A” tier
17:28 Part 6 – “S” tier
18:27 Part 7 – ???
20:32 Part 8 – Closing words


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