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EASY Deathsquito Defense … – GamePlayVideo

Deathsquitos can make farming and building in the Plains so difficult. Here’s a quick tip on building a structure that WILL protect you from Deathsquitos, and also serve as a nice needle farming method! I find nothing more annoying in Valheim than Deathsquitos, so use this advanced tip to make them a little less annoying! If you’d like a full guide on building in the plains, throw a like on the birdchest and let me know down in the comments!

Deathsquitos SUCK, they bug me a lot. It’s like they just exist to annoy us. Well NOT ANY LONGER. Use them to farm needles and make some fantastic arrows! You
Since I made this in creative, I’m going to list the items you’ll need to make this happen:
1 Stonecutter
~100 Stone
5-6 Bonfires
1 Wolfy Buddy

If you have ANY problems building this, join my discord and I’ll try to help you out!! And if you do make it, I want to see how people use it so join here:

Music Credit:
J+1 and Dr. Disrespect
Alleyways (Instrumental)

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