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How To Get Better Aim On Mouse and Keyboard: Improving Your Aim on PC
Learn how to get better aim on mouse and keyboard by understanding sensitivity, arm vs wrist aiming, crosshair placement, motor skills, the role of aim trainers, and more. ▼ Aim routines ▼

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This video will teach you how you can get better aim on mouse and keyboard. Getting better aim on PC can sometimes seem like a daunting task, especially if all your friends are already so far ahead of you in terms of mechanical skill level. Getting good aim on mouse and keyboard does take time but the truth is anyone can do it. You don’t have to be a pro gamer to have great aim. You can improve your aim fast by understanding the fundamental aiming principles like: sensitivity, corsshair placement, the true role muscle memory, and how to practice your aim effectively inside aim trainers such as Kovaak’s or Aimlab.

Aiming on mouse and Keyboard takes a high level of fine motor skills and mouse control. The best way to improve your mouse aim and mouse control is through aim training inside of isolated environments. Aim practice inside of actual games is important too as that will improve not only your aim but also other game mechanics like using your movement to peak and dodge. However when looking to improve mouse control specifically you want to remove as many variables as possible, which is what mouse and keyboard aim training programs are great at doing.

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The first step in figuring out how to get better aim on mouse and keyboard is of course finding a reasonable mouse sensitivity. This a huge topic and I’ve already got multiple videos discussing how to find your sensitivity but I briefly go over it again in this aim guide by covering high sensitivity vs low sensitivity and the relation each has to your arm and wrist when aiming. For those curious here is the playlist with my other videos discussing mouse sensitivity in depth.

When answering the question of how do you get better aim on mouse and keyboard it’s important to mention the topic of gaming mice as having a sufficient gaming mouse is important when trying to get better aim on mouse and keyboard. You don’t need the latest and greatest gaming mouse as long as the one you’re using has a decent sensor. Not all mice are created equal. See my “Do Gaming Mice Really Matter” Video for more info:

In my last aiming guide video titled “How To Get Good Aim on Mouse and Keyboard”, I talked about turning the separate actions of flicking, verifying corsshair postion, and micro correcting into one fluid movement. In this aim guide I go over a few more useful mouse and keyboard aiming tips and tricks that can be applied to get better aim on mouse and keyboard. When trying to get better aim on mouse and keyboard many people go too fast too soon when practicing flick aiming. It’s important to push yourself when aim training but not before you have a good foundation first. A great way to practice this is to think of a flick as nothing more than a really fast drag of your mouse. I explain this and more such as tips for improving your tracking aim.

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If you want to learn how to get better aim on mouse and keyboard then this video along with my other pc aiming tutorials are for you. Enjoy these mouse and keyboard aiming tips. and let me know if there is something else you want covered in a future aiming video.
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