SYG-12 Shotgun Fully Upgraded Guide | Residen... Resident Evil Village

SYG-12 Shotgun Fully Upgraded Guide | Residen…

Resident Evil 8 Village SYG-12 Shotgun Fully Upgraded Instructions Guide. How to Tutorial Guide to Fully Upgrading the Weapon in the Story. All Attachments Equipped and Upgrades Purchased.
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0:00 Purchase the Weapon
0:19 Attachment: Red Dot Sight, Long Barrel, Drum Magazine
0:36 LEI Upgrades

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The videogame returns to Ethan Winters as the main protagonist, a character who now lives with Mia and has left behind the turbulent episodes of terror of the seventh installment.
Chris Redfield, however, is back to shake up their lives in this videogame that has as its graphic engine the powerful RE Engine tool, which promises to take its scary scenes to new heights.

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